What does WELL mean to you?
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b e w o r k e a r n l i v e l e a r n

school age

School years are critical for children to develop confidence through

friends, schoolwork, part-time jobs and sports.

Mactresea Wilbourn, Forest Preserve Experience Graduate, Class of 2018

At first, I thought it would be nasty. Who would want to come to the forest with bugs and stuff? But I ended up liking it. It was good. Now I like the forest and I want to be a co-captain in the program next year.

Lisa Calloway, FSS Graduate

After being on the voucher since 1999, I made a conscious decision to re-evaluate my assets…I realized I did not have any to evaluate. My fear of letting the program go had hindered me from obtaining any…I desired to show my five children that…you do not have to allow your current situation to define your future…Two years later, everything is different. On February 20th I closed on my own home, I graduated from the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program in June; and in December I will have my Master’s in Addiction Studies.

Portrait of Forest Preserve Participant
Jae Dean, Forest Preserve Experience Crew Leader

Ever since sophomore year of high school, I always saw the leaders…and they always told me that if I stay consistent with the program, I could soon be in their position. They weren’t lying. I’m here as a crew leader today…and I’ve learned leadership skills that will be with me for rest of my life.

Danielle Terry, CWIT Graduate

I was looking for a better tomorrow. My goals were to get a degree or certificate, better my credit, and to get a better job. After going to a job fair, I stumbled on Chicago Women in Trades (CWIT). It’s a program that helps women get jobs in fields predominately held by men…I’m happy that I’ve graduated and I’m very hopeful for my future now.