COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance

FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19 related funeral expenses that were incurred after January 20, 2020, up to $9,000 in funeral expenses.

Illinois Vaccination Locator

You can find what vaccination locations are available at and search by zip and city. You can find pharmacies, local health departments and hospitals offering vaccine appointments. You can also search COVID-19 testing sites.

COVID-19 crisis counseling providers in Illinois

Using funding from FEMA’s Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP), Illinois Strong has partnered with community providers to offer free COVID-19 crisis counseling and other mental health services for those struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Job Training and Placement

In collaboration with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, the Cook County COVID-19 Recovery Job Training and Placement Program helps jobseekers and workers impacted by the pandemic get back to work and find new career opportunities.

Community-Based Testing Sites for COVID-19

COVID-19 tests are available at no cost nationwide at health centers and select pharmacies. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act ensures that COVID-19 testing is free to anyone in the U.S., including the uninsured. Additional testing sites may be available in your area. Contact your health care provider or your state or local public health department for more information.

Illinois Department of Human Services Offers Online Purchasing For Groceries

This will be automatically provided to all existing Link card holders on June 2, 2020 and can be used online at Amazon and Walmart – the first retailers to provide online SNAP in Illinois. IDHS is encouraging other grocery retailers to participate to deepen and broaden the reach of this program across Illinois communities.

State-Level Information for Essential Workers Seeking Child Care

Essential workers may be faced with the need to find a safe child care arrangement while continuing to work. This document provides resources that may assist individuals in identifying child care options during this unprecedented time.

How to Contact the Social Security Administration during COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

For the latest details and data on COVID-19 please visit the

Illinois Department of Public Health

To access reliable, accurate information about our local COVID-19 situation and response, please visit Illinois Department of Public Health.

Cook County Public Health

Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) serves 2.5 million residents and 127 municipalities in suburban Cook County, excluding Evanston, Oak Park, Skokie and Stickney Township, which have their own state-certified health departments.

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

For the latest details and data on COVID-19 please visit

Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA)

CEDA will keep our essential services available to people in crisis and will be helping residents and communities who are unable to meet their basic needs.

Catholic Charities

Call: (312)-655-7700 or email: [email protected]

Food Pantries; WIC; Home Delivered Meals For Seniors; Financial Assistance; Counseling, and much more!

Meal Options for Suburban Cook County

Suburban School Districts and Food Pantries are providing affordable/free meal options for families in need.

Free Online Educational Resources

Learning can happen wherever you are with the world wide web. Whether you’re interested in astronomy, a new language or just want to explore, these free online educational platforms have something for everyone ages 4 – 20.

Free Or Low-Cost Internet Service And Other Related Resources (Devices And Content) During COVID-19

National Locator Tool for Low-Cost Internet Service Offers:

  • Provided by HUD’s nonprofit partner, EveryoneOn, the locator is easy to use. Users simply type in their zip codes and answer a few questions to determine eligibility for low-cost offers by the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


  • The site has been updated to reflect new offers many ISPs have made to help ensure connectivity for low-income Americans during the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • COVID-19 Updates to Specific Low-Cost Internet Service Offers. Featured below is a list of the major ISPs, their low-cost offers, and specific updates to their offers made in response to the Federal Communication Commission’s “Keep Americans Connected” pledge which was designed to help all Americans stay connected to the Internet during the COVID-19 crisis.


AT&T’s “Access by AT&T.” Available in 21 states.  One family member must be eligible for SNAP. 


Charter Communications’ low-cost offer is “Spectrum Internet Assist” and is based on eligibility for the National School Lunch Program.

    • COVID-19 response: Charter is now offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have service through Spectrum. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395. Installations fees are waived. There are no data caps.
    • For more information go to:


Comcast’s low cost offerInternet Essentials is available to any low-income American.

    • COVID-19 Response: Internet Essentials will be free to new customers. New customers will receive 60 days of complimentary Internet Essentials service, which is normally available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month.


    • Additionally, for all new and existing Internet Essentials customers, the speed of the program’s Internet service was increased to 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. That increase will go into effect for no additional fee and it will become the new base speed for the program going forward.


    • Xfinity WiFi Free for Everyone: Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, Once at a hotspot, consumers should select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots, and then launch a browser.


    • Data overages will no longer apply for 60 days.


    • No Disconnects or Late Fees: Comcast will not disconnect a customer’s internet service or assess late fees if they contact them to let them know that they can’t pay their bills during this period. Comcast care teams will be available tooffer flexible payment options and can help find other solutions.



Cox Communications’ Connect2Compete is for families with school-aged children who are enrolled in low-income assistance programs.

The Starry Internet Company affordable service Starry Connect available in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Denver in affordable housing developments. 



    • COVID-19 Response: While T-Mobile does not have a low-cost offer, it has announced that starting now, all current T-Mo and Metro by T-Mobile customers who have plans with data will have unlimited smartphone data for 60 days, excluding roaming. Most subscribers already have unlimited data, but now people who may be on an older plan with a data allotment have unlimited data. Also, Starting soon, T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers will have an additional 20GB of mobile hotspot data for the next 60 days.
    • For more information go to:


Other smaller or regional ISPs have offers as well:


For updates to these offers: See the Federal Communications Commission’sKeep Americans Connected” page.


Low-Cost Devices:


Learning Content

For more, visit: or