Jobs for Teenagers

Find a part-time or summer job using the tools below. From interview tips to resume & cover letter writing, your career development starts here. It’s never too early to start earning money and getting job experience.

Summer Computer Training Program for Housing Authority Youth (ages 14-19)

The 6-week training program will help you learn about kick-starting a career in the world of computers while earning CompTIA A+ and OSHA 10-hour Safety certifications. This opportunity is only available to youth in Housing Authority households.

Due to high demand, registration has now closed for this opportunity. Make sure to check back in Summer 2020 for next year’s registration.

Summer Youth Employment in Cook County's Forest Preserves

Registration for the 2019 Forest Preserve Experience is officially closed.

We had great interest in our summer jobs program and have closed the application.

Please mark your calendar to check https://bewell.thehacc.org in April of next year. Update your cell # and your email address with your housing specialist to make sure you get notified about this and other opportunities as they are announced.

Resume Tips

Two Types of Resumes:

Chronological (usually for people who have some work experience)

  • List jobs starting with the most recent place of employment first.
  • Most popular resume format.
  • Emphasizes work history and education.

Functional (usually for people who are changing career fields, are non-traditional in age and have many work-related skills, have no related work experience, have been out of work for a long time, or have had many different positions)

  • Emphasizes skills and accomplishments.
  • Skills/accomplishments are listed based upon past experiences.
  • Skills/accomplishments may be divided into various categories. It is generally not mentioned how or where skills were acquired.
  • In listing work history, only job title, employer, location and dates are given, not what was done at each job (which is given above in the skills section). .


Resume Tips:

  • Fonts matter (try Garamond and Georgia)
  • Standardize the format
    • Dates and cities should be in the same place after every section.
    • Punctuation and fonts should be consistent.
  • Keep it to One Page
  • Only list one telephone number.
  • Make sure your email sounds professional.

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Interview Tips

Make your interview a success with these helpful tips.

When I earn more money, what happens to my rent in the Housing Choice Voucher Program?

Check out the video below to learn more about the process and opportunities for growth.

Opportunity Works: Paid Internships

Apply for paid internships in Technology, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics for young adults ages 16-24 in southern Cook County.

Calumet Area Industrial Commission (CAIC)

Since 1967, CAIC has served the changing needs of business and industry within the Greater Calumet Region. CAIC has a variety of workforce development programs to address industry’s need for manufacturing talent & training.


UPS always has competitive job openings available. Check out the link below to see what’s on the docket right now.

US Army

The Army offers training in more than 150 different career paths. As an active duty Soldier, you will have access to all of them. Choose from jobs in art, science, intelligence, combat, aviation, engineering, law and more. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Steelworker for the Future

ArcelorMittal has partnered with local community colleges to offer Steelworker for the Future ®, an associate degree program that combines classroom learning with hands-on training, all while earning wages. Steelworker for the Future ® prepares individuals for high-tech, well-paying jobs in steel or manufacturing. at ArcelorMittal, the average income of a steelworker is around $90,000 plus benefits.

OAI, Inc.

For more than 40 years, OAI has been helping men and women struggling to join the American Workforce.

Career Connections at Moraine Valley Community College

Finished high school? Need help with the next step? Career connections offers help to 18- to 24-year-old high school graduates (or equivalent) who are interested in:

  • Earning a degree or certificate
  • Developing workforce skills
  • Obtaining employment
  • Tuition assistance and scholarships
  • Writing a resume
  • Planning their career
  • Academic assistance