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Community Choice Program

Are you a Housing Choice Voucher participant at the Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC)? Are you thinking about moving? Have you thought about what is important to you in your next community? When it comes to choosing quality housing, it’s about 3 things: neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood.

The HACC’s Community Choice Program (CCP) helps families with HCV vouchers move to “Opportunity Areas,” some of the top performing neighborhoods in suburban Cook County. Whether your priority for your next community is schools, safety, or jobs, CCP mobility counselors are here to help families like yours use your voucher as a means to improve your quality of life, not just to help you pay your rent.


How the Program Works

You will take part in four workshops (overviews below) focused on teaching you the skills you need to make a successful move. Once your workshops are complete, you will be assigned a CCP Mobility Counselor who is there to assist you before, during and after your move to an Opportunity Area.

For information on which communities qualify as Opportunity Areas, click on map link below. The qualifying communities are the blue, or “complete,” areas on the map as well as parts of the orange, or “mixed,” areas. The areas in green, named “traditional” areas, do not qualify as Opportunity Areas. We will dive into how those communities are picked based on demographic diversity, jobs and educational opportunities more specifically at your first workshop.


Other program benefits include:


  • Personalized action plan
  • Housing search assistance
  • Referrals to available units
  • Resource materials
  • Counseling regarding your credit report
  • Workshops on landlord/tenant rights/responsibilities, financial literacy and more
  • Security deposit assistance up to $1000 for qualified participants of the Community Choice Program

 It’s your move. Seize the opportunity.

Contact the Mobility Team at 312.542.4703 or [email protected] to get started.